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Parents - Breakfast and After School Clubs


The Governors of Wood End Primary School recognise the value of offering extended services. Providing breakfast and after school provision offers great benefit to both the school and the local community. Breakfast and after school club provision at Wood End Primary School is known as WoodE’s and is managed by the School.


WoodE’s provides a range of activities and services, beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of pupils, their families and the wider community. Wood End Primary School is registered with Ofsted and is committed to equal opportunities both in provision for the children and its ​staffing policy.​


WoodE’s breakfast club opens at 7:45 am and provides pupils with breakfast which ensures that children are ready to start the school day. Children are cared for by qualified members of staff in a safe and welcoming environment. In addition, the pupils that attend breakfast club have the opportunity to participate in structured sporting activities with a qualified sports coach three mornings a week. Breakfast club ends at 8:45 am when children are taken into school by WoodE’s staff.


WoodE’s after school club provides childcare from the end of the school day until 5:45 pm. Children are able to unde​rtake facilitated activities (e.g. model-making) and supervised play. The after school club utilises the school’s facilities and benefits from qualified childcare professionals. In addition, children are provided with nutritious snacks.


WoodE’s will be open on each day that Wood End Primary School is open to pupils for normal school, except on the last day of each term when After School Club will not be open.


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